The Platform - Big Town Vision - Small Town Values


Explore fiscally responsible and non traditional opportunities in Halton Hills to keep our community connected as a place to LIVE, WORK and PLAY. To be direct - No Big City Buses!

Helping commuters - I plan to push for all day commuter GO Train Transit service and explore inter-regional Go Service within our Halton region (Acton,  Georgetown, Milton, Oakville) 

"I hear you residents - we do not want to be a Brampton City but rather a connected town for locals to get to work and activities"

Affordable Housing

I work with developers and other levels of government to secure lower cost housing for our young families, singles and senior residents.

"No driving out those who fall below middle class income or impacted by misfortune".


Every young adult should have voice and same opportunities regardless of circumstance. I am engaged and supportive of the Youth Centres, including the new Gary Allan facility that opened in September.

"I will be a strong advocate and supporter of youth programs addressing teen homelessness, substance abuse and mental health issues".

The Platform - Goals

Serving the Community

As our community needs a strong effective leader, I will not only listen but work with the community to proactively create the progress we need to move our town forward and preserve that small town feeling.

My goal is to champion initiatives that benefits the residents of Ward 4.


Citizen engagement and awareness will be one of my highest priorities. I am also committed to actively engaging residents of all ages in our local political process and increasing turnout in municipal elections.

I promise to keep the residents of my ward informed and updated on key town issues by establishing various communication mediums.

"If elected, I will provide a monthly e-newsletter!"

Educate on Local Government & Councillors Role

Local governments are the lowest level of government and Municipal (Local) councillors are the elected representatives closest to the people. 

Their role requires them to represent their electoral constituencies, provide a vision for development, and oversee public finances.

"I am committed to actively engaging residents of all ages in our local political process and increasing turnout in municipal elections.".

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